"Secrets held within sculptures, riddles waiting to be unravelled..."

Bryony Knox makes an eclectic range of items from decanters to napkin rings. Her work is based on a love of storytelling, each piece being brought to life using techniques of repousse and chasing, often with enamelled or gilded detail.

Bryony sparks the curiosity of the onlooker with her figurative silverware. Once the object is held, unexpected movement, colour and texture are discovered and dual functions are revealed.

Recent Work
Pelican Rose Bowl with wriggly fish pendant.
Upcoming shows, workshops & events
Day classes spanning a wide range of creative metal techniques- for beginners and intermidiate

Chasing & Repousse is the ancient technique where metalis formed and embossed using small steel tools, whilst held in pine pitch.
Small classes of 4. £185 for weekend masterclass.
Make a Mouse in a Day- learn basic metalwork skills . £65 for one day class.
Tin Tales- Recycled Tin Sculpture Workshop. £65 for one day class.
More Weekend Workshop Information Here
COLLECT-The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects
2-6th February 2017
Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road.
Bryonys is pleased to have been selected to show with Bishopsland at this prestigious art fair.
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Contact Bryony at info@bryonyknox.com . For more information on Bryony’s work visit: www.whoswhoingoldandsilver.com